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    To initiate discussion on your proposed book please contact our Editorial Department or any of our offices who would be delighted to pass your lead to us.
    Contact us at: or
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    Editorial Department
    John Eccles House, Science Park, Robert Robinson Ave
    Littlemore, Oxford, OX4 4GP
    United Kingdom
    Tel.: +44 (0) 1865 338000
    Fax: +44 (0) 1865 338100

      Manuscript Preparation
    • You need
         A Title of your manuscript,
         Name/s and affiliation of the author/s and or editor/s
    • Main text
    • Acknowledgements
    • Appendix
    • References / Index
    • Figures, Illustrations, Tables etc.

    • All Figures, Illustrations should be originals and suitable for direct reproduction without undergoing
        any retouching and/or redrawing.
      All Illustrations should be adequately captioned and the letters large enough to remain legible after
         reduction. The final print height of numerals and alphabets should be minimum 2mm.
      Photographs should be supplied in original in black and white glossy prints.
      Please use same font throughout the manuscript to reduce problems at the typesetting stage, in particular for tables.
    • Please ensure that you distinguish with clarity the digit "1" and the alphabet "l" (L) as well as Zero "0" and the alphabet "O".

    • Please use tabs for indents instead of space.
    • Please use same font and font size for titles and headings

    • Please use double spacing between lines of the text and single spacing in the tables.
    • References -
    • Please depict and list in alphabetical sequence at the end of the text as follows:
      Examples for References in the reference section:
      Books: Ponnusamy, S. (2002). Foundations of Functional Analysis. Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi.
      Article in Book: Wolff, S. (2003) 'Cryogenics for future large particle accelerators'. In G. Gistau Baguer and P. Seyfert, eds., Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Cryogenic Engineering Conference. Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, 3-10. Article in Journal: Enriqguez, B. (2003) 'Quasi-Hopf algebras associated with semisimple Lie algebras and complex curves'. Selecta Mathematica, New Series Vol. 9, No. 1, 2003, 1-61.
    • Please prepare all Tables and Figures on a separate page. In the text please indicate the appropriate place in which the Table and Figure is to be placed, clearly indicating the number of the Table/Figure as:
      Table No. 1, 2 etc. / Figure No. 1, 2 etc.
    • Also all Tables and Figures must be numbered consecutively. All Figures must be clearly labeled and all Tables and Figures must be accompanied by their Table and Figure legend.
      Permission to use Published Material
      Please ensure you have the appropriate Permission from the concerned copyright holder who's work you have used/taken for/in the preparation of your manuscript, i.e., Tables, Figure, an extract from a book exceeding more than 400 words etc. To obtain permission to reproduce such matter it is the sole responsibility of the Author/Editor. The "No Objection Certificate / Permission Form" to reproduce such material must accompany the manuscript from the concerned copyright holder. Please click on Permission Form to download and apply for the necessary permission from the original copyright holder.
      Editor's Guidelines
    • Please inform all contributors of the Author Guidelines

    • For any major change made to the contributors manuscript please do ensure that the contributor reviews it before submission to the publisher

    • Please provide a complete list containing the current, correct and complete address including the telephone, fax and email address of all the contributors to ensure that they may be contacted without difficulty if needed. In case a contributor would be available at another address other than his/her permanent address, please provide the alternate contact address
      Manuscript Submission
      We require both hard copy (paper) and electronic (soft) copies of the manuscript.
    • Hard Copy (paper): please send us a copy of your complete manuscript on A4 size sheets double-spaced throughout. Please print only on one side of the sheet. Please provide the text on a CD as well. The hard copy must match exactly the matter on the CD. If you update the hard copy then the CD must be updated too and vice versa.

    • Electronic Copy (soft): Please provide us a copy of the complete manuscript on a CD or Floppy along with a print of the complete text on A4 size sheets doubled spaced throughout. Please print only one side of the sheet. The electronic copy must match the hard copy of the text if the electronic copy is updated then the hard copy must be updated too and vice versa.

    • CRC (Camera Ready Copy): If being provided should be in both pdf and ps format. Each chapter should be saved as a different file to speed computer handling. File names must be self explanatory, with a list of file names to be submitted with the disk
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